The 2023 International Conference on Proton-Emitting Nuclei  (PROCON2023) is the 7th in a series of conferences which aim is to review recent experimental and theoretical progress on the properties of proton-rich nuclei.

The conference will be held in Warsaw, Poland, on the campus of the University of Warsaw.

The PROCON conference series started in Oak Ridge (1999) and the following meetings were organized in Legnaro (2003), Lisbon (2007), Bordeaux (2011) , Lanzhou (2015), and East Lansing (2019).

Main topics are:  

1. Limits of nuclear binding for proton-rich nuclei
2. Results from one- and two-proton emission
3. Alpha, beta and gamma decay of nuclei close to the proton drip line
4. Proton drip line nuclei and nuclear astrophysics
5. Fundamental-interaction studies with proton-rich nuclei
6. Isospin-symmetry-breaking studies with proton-rich nuclei
7. Theoretical studies of nuclear structure, nuclear reaction and astrophysics
8. New experimental techniques for future studies

Important deadlines:

Abstract submission: April 3th, 2023 April 17th, 2023
Early payment: May 15th, 2023
Late payment: June 12th, 2023
Registration: June 12th, 2023